Our mission

The mission of the foundation is to fight poverty.

The foundation aims to provide assistance to people in need of help for the purpose of their well-being and/or prosperity and all matters related or conducive to the above, with the objects to be given their most expansive possible interpretation.

The Foundation will achieve this by, but not limited to, providing direct aid (goods), granting microcredits, providing information and or/financial means.

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What We Do

The Flow Traders Foundation will develop various new activities and commit itself to the existing societal contribution activities of Flow Traders.

For the year 2022, the Flow Traders Foundation has a further goal of aiding organizations and individuals who are affected by, or who are fighting the consequences and impacts of, the Ukraine conflict.

Our Story

At Flow Traders we have long believed it is important for us to back initiatives that contribute to society. We’ve done so for many years – through the firm itself and through employee’s personal efforts. Employees are enthusiastic about supporting charitable initiatives, which has always been part of our working culture.

As a result of Flow Traders’ employees as well as two of its founders, Jan van Kuijk and Roger Hodenius, wishing to make a significant, structured annual societal contribution with a focus on the health and wellbeing of people in need, the Flow Traders Foundation was established on 28 April 2020.


The Flow Traders Foundation will try to achieve its goal as mentioned above by, among other things:


Supporting organizations on the ground

We provided direct assistance to Red Cross Ukraine to support with aid to those effected, this included relief goods/donations.


Providing support to families and children

Through War Child, the foundation provides support to families and children who have fled Ukraine, this includes donations/volunteers.


Collecting and donating relief goods

The Flow Traders team organized local fundraising events and a donation drive to support families in Ukraine.

Donate or help

The Foundation has received ANBI status and is therefore eligible to receive donations.

Charity Events

Our employees actively participate in charitable initiatives throughout the year. For example, every winter our employees come together to donate holiday gifts to children in need. We also support education initiatives in our communities, for instance with IMC Weekendschool. Employees also participate in charitable events, raising money and awareness for organizations through initiatives like the ”War Child Kili Challenge” and ”Wall Street Rides FAR”.

Initiatives and charities supported by the foundation

The board

The board of the Flow Traders Foundation currently consists of the following members:

  • Sjoerd Rietberg (chairman)
  • Jan van Kuijk (treasurer)
  • Roger Hodenius (secretary)

The members are unpaid and have been appointed for an indefinite period.

Additional information

Below you will find more information regarding the current policies and financial accountabilities of the Flow Traders Foundation.

The financial year will run from January 1st until December 31st. Each year, before December 31st, the board will decide if the current policies can be extended as is, or if they need to be reviewed for the upcoming year.

Annual Report 2021
Policy Plan 2021
Annual Report 2020
Policy Plan 2020