Thank you for sharing your charity and/or initiative with us! The next step is to submit an application by completing the below request form.
Please remember that the mission of the Foundation is Fighting Poverty.

The overall process for receiving a grant agreement consists of the following steps:

Foundation Process

Please remember the charity and/or initiative should:

  • Focus on fighting poverty
  • Be visible, transparent and cost efficient

Request form


    What kind of initiative is this? *
    Long-term: a clear focus on Fighting Poverty.One-year: theme-based (COVID-19 for 2020) with donations related to the specific theme and Fighting Poverty.Ad hoc donations/contributions: relate to Fighting Poverty.


    • Summarize your organisation's history and statement of your mission (maximum 150 words).
    • Describe how your organisation aligns with the mission of the Flow Traders Foundation.
    • How do you plan on using the funding successfully? What programs are currently in place and what do you hope to accomplish?
    • Are there other organisations that you currently partner with? Why and how?
    • Please share a link with your latest Financial Report.



    FUNDING APPLICATION (if applicable)

    Please describe possible co-finance partners for your initiative. If co-finance cannot be secured or is not being requested, please tell us why.

    VOLUNTEER APPLICATION (if applicable)

    What is the date, time and frequency that you would like volunteers for?

    Will you have insurance for this event?


    • How will the charity or initiative contribute to systemic change, at a global, country or region-wide level?
    • How will you sustain ongoing results after the foundation grant ends?
    • What is the timeline for the investment? ( 1 year +, 1 year or ad hoc)


    By submitting your request you confirm that:

    1. Your request is true and accurate in all aspects; and
    2. You will inform us immediately of any material changes with respect to the information provided by you.

    After you have submitted your request, FTF will review your request and will either approve or deny such request or will contact you to provide additional details on the request. Such review and approval or denial shall at all times be at FTF’s sole discretion and FTF shall be entitled to deny any request for any reason.

    Thank you for your interest in partnering with Flow Traders Foundation. We look forward to discussing your proposed concept further.

    The Flow Traders Foundation