Charities the Foundation has funded so far

Below you can find an overview of the charities that have received funding from the Foundation thusfar.

Ad-hoc funding

The Moria Emergency Response builds upon UNHCR’s extensive experience dealing with refugee crisis worldwide. In Greece, UNHCR has been present for many years and ramped up efforts in 2015 when the influx of refugees and migrants to European shores, mainly the Greek islands, reached staggering new levels. In September 2015 the image of the young Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, whose body washed up on a Turkish beach after a failed attempt to reach Greece, moved millions worldwide and threw a fresh spotlight on the human tragedies of those trying to reach the shores of Europe. All this time UNHCR provided lifesaving support to the refugees arriving to the Greek islands. On Tuesday 8 September the initial fires broke out in Moria Reception and Identification Centre, causing extensive damage to the shelters of thousands of asylum seekers and refugees, families with children, elderly, disabled people, pregnant women and new born babies. Additional fires were reported on Wednesday 9 September and Thursday 10 September.

With Flow Traders Foundation’s support we hope to upscale UNHCR’s emergency response to provide immediate shelter and protection to asylum seekers who are otherwise sleeping rough in makeshift shelters or out in the open, in fields, groves and parking lots for many nights in a row. We aim to provide temporary shelter for vulnerable refugee families and core relief items such as sleeping bags, sleeping mats, blankets, packaged food, water, hygiene items to protect people against COVID-19 etc.

Emergency Support for Moria

€ 30.000

Kledingbank Zaanstad – Kleding means clothes, Zaanstad is an area to the North of Amsterdam – is a place where people can shop if you have an indication that you have low to no money left to spend  (after deduction of the monthly costs). The indication is issued by the local government and social organizations (verwijsbrief). And it is re-calibrated every year.

With this indication you are allowed to ‘shop’ for free in the store. 

An ad-hoc or maybe even a long term donation would certainly help because they have experienced housing issues due to Corona. The thing is that clothes which cannot be used anymore, could be sent to waste-management companies for additional money (to pay for the housing) . Result is that the store was ‘packed’ – no visitors and no way to get the bad clothes out of the store.

During Corona, and having the clothes piling up, they started to collect toys for kids that do not have anything to play with. Because normally a child would go to school or daycare to play with toys. Corona kept them at home. Again, based upon an indication and by lucky selection (draw) children could get toys from kledingbank Zaanstad.

Clothing store for less fortunate people - Kledingbank Zaanstad

€ 2.500

The Van Ravenswaaijstede Foundation has the core values ​​”peace, security, trust and connection”. In order to fully carry these core values this, we are very involved and connected to our participants.  Our participants are adults with psychiatric problems, addictions, autism, non-congenital brain damage.

The participants can join various activities in order to continue working on their personal goals. This includes reintegration, socialization, working on independence, increasing self-confidence, stability and so on. Activities in which participants participate vary from gardening to taking care of animals.

Safe and healthy work contributes to the psychological well-being of the participants. This partly ensures a restorative capacity of body and mind. This also means that good sanitation is essential. It has turned out that the sanitary room is in urgent need of replacement. The room is outdated in such a way that moisture is created which is not exactly hygienic. The toilet area is too tight. As a result, there is limited room for movement and insufficient access for participants who have difficulty walking. Due to the consequences of COVID-19, it is impossible to keep the 1.5 meters by participants. This increases the risk of becoming infected with Corona. And this in turn means that participants are forced to stay at home and become isolated and are at risk of relapse again of psychoses, depression, addiction, etc.

Through innovation of the washroom we want to create facilities that participants can make full use of in a safe way. The space will have to be expanded so that the passage to the toilet is easily accessible. Toilet, sinks, shower and the like will be renewed. To optimally guarantee safety, it is necessary to replace all electricity and water pipes at the same time. This means we immediately switch to green energy, which is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Care Farm - Stichting Van Ravenswaaijstede

€ 7.000

For 2 weeks in Mid October, heavy rain and flooding took place on a large scale, causing serious damage to houses, crops and livelihoods, directly affecting the lives of millions of people in the middle of Vietnam

Red Cross Vietnam

€ 5.000

Studiezalen will provide a Christmas present and a meal for 900 families in several area’s in Amsterdam

Stichting Studiezalen

€ 5.000

One year

Laat ze maar lachen takes children to a world where they have fun. That, in short, is what the Foundation does. There are many children from 4 to 12 years old who can never get outside because of their home situation. In Amsterdam about 40,000 live below the poverty line. So they need a superhero! This is in line with the mission of the Flow Foundation, Fighting poverty, because it is for children that are under the poverty line. The Laat Ze Maar Lachen Foundation was established in 2006. In 2010 the foundation was expanded to Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam started in 2012, Eindhoven joined in late 2013 and Groningen in 2017. They approach the children through existing organizations that work with our target group, such as the Voedselbank and Jeugdinstellingen. Thanks to the collaboration with these organizations, they know for sure that they will bring children who need a fun day out (free of charge). If we could make donations so they can organize more fun outings with the children.

Make them laugh - Laat ze maar lachen

€ 20.000

For about 100 girls between 6 and 17 we make sure they get enough resources and help to get an education on secondary school level, which lifts them from poverty and makes sure they do not end up the street. We have our own centre in the Makassar city centre. The second project provides an higher education (car mechanics) to 20 boys, which enables them to get a job right after school. The third project is in India, and provides education to 330 kids in the lowest caste.

Supporting youth with education in the third world

€ 10.000

The lack of water and sanitation has been proven by several studies and assessments to be directly linked to poverty in Lower and Middle-Income Countries. The recent SDGs report indicates that achieving goal 6, which is water and sanitation, is a means to achieving several other goals that border on health, food security, education, and improved well-being.
Kasese community in Uganda has been suffering from acute water shortage which has brought about unbearable hardships for several families. Families, especially women and the girl-child have to trek several kilometers at the early hours of the morning (3-5 am) in search of water. This has exposed the families to snake bites, rape, girls dropping out of school, and a myriad of several challenges.
Providing adequate potable water and sanitation to the community will reduce the time spent on fetching water, which could be channeled to other productive ventures. This will boost girls’ participation in school and significantly reduce other vices and harm caused by this prevailing problem.

The mission of This Noble Foundation is to fight poverty, and this project is a clear instance where several goals directly linked to poverty can be achieved simultaneously. Providing water and sanitation will improve the overall hygiene of the community, well-being, and productivity that could raise the income level.

The charity ensures that beneficiaries develop realistic operational and maintenance plans that clearly demonstrate how the project will be run after completion and hand-over. This has proven to be an effective intervention in several regions where projects have been successfully concluded.

The main implementing partners are the Kitabu Integrated Development Association which has been coordinating the local affairs of the community. They have a huge influence and the leadership is recognized by all community members
They mobilize the workforce who will provide direct labor, they are also responsible for the collection of levies and the ownership of the project when completed.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Initiative for Kasese, Uganda

€ 10.000

Long term

In 2003 JINC started as “Campus Nieuw-West” in the western part of Amsterdam. Growing up in this part of the City, where the level of poverty was high, you’re chances to succeed on the labour market would be relatively low. How are you supposed to know which jobs are out there for you, if you grow up in an environment where unemployment is high and where you have fewer role models? In cooperation with companies and schools, we started to organise “flash internships”: children get the chance to see the different professions on offer to them before they start their careers. Later on, we developed a full program of projects in which children could not only get to know different professions, but also get skilled to improve their chances on the labour market, for example by a job application training. To see our full program of projects, visit: When you skill people to succeed on the labour market and show them what the labour market has to offer, you limit their chances to end up in poverty. This mission aligns with the mission of the Flow Traders Foundation to fight poverty. But how can you help us? By partnering up, you fund us to reach more children who are growing up in poverty. You also give your employees the chance to participate in our projects and help these children: by teaching them different skills or give them information about their job opportunities


€ 10.000

In September 2012 Jurre van de  Kamp founded the foundation. A buddy-project was started for clients from the food bank. In the years that followed, the following projects were added:

  • super intermediary ( we help children with the application for sports en culture and swimming lessons
  • diaper-project ( we deliver 250 packages with diapers)
  • home visits children (write funds for sports and many municipality services) We arrange beds and other household goods ourselves
  • Care buddy ( We help many elderly with questions regarding care)
  • Practical internships ( We help people with internships in their neighborhood and development of interests.
  • We also have Digital buddies. These are student who visits elderly and help them how to use a computer
  • House visits elderly ( The visit elderly people with the housing association)
Foundation Sina - Stichting Sina

€ 25.000

In the last few years, Flow Traders helped to make sure that each child with fewer means in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht received a present from Sinterklaas. Over the years, we became are a big contributor to this project. Not only by the number of used toys we donate, but also by the amount of cash donations, from which new toys can be bought. 

Saint Nicholas - Sinterklaas

€ 5.000 + Flow Traders BV employee donations

Tiny Miracles is an organization with a clear understanding of the cycle of poverty based on decades of research and has developed a proven solution to help the poor break the cycle and build their own lives.

Tiny Miracles

€ 50.000